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Food is not Enough

Kids eating cereal

February 4, 2021

The WHO estimates there are 20 million young children with severe, acute malnutrition around the globe at any given point in time.

I recently read an article from Doctors Without Borders (Médicins Sans Frontières), in which they said that food is not enough for malnourished children.

According to their Dr Susan Shepherd:

“Eating millet porridge every day is the equivalent of living off bread and water. Young children are so susceptible to malnutrition because what they eat lacks essential vitamins and minerals to help them grow, remain strong and fight off infections.”

Dr Susan Shepherd

The article explains that we won’t reduce the persistent high rates of child mortality in parts of Africa and South Asia if we don’t address malnutrition a whole lot more aggressively.

You see, when a child is severely malnourished, they typically stop growing and start to waste away because their body actually consumes its own tissues in an attempt to get the nutrients it needs to stay alive.

Despite the fact that there’s a new generation of highly effective and nutritious ready-to-use food, that has been specifically designed for young children, only about 3% of those who suffer with severe acute malnutrition have access to it.

At Wilsten Global, this is what drives us. Through the international not-for-profit “HOPE Movement”, we have provided almost 30 million servings of highly nutritious, immune-activating powder which is added to these children’s food each day, and the results are jaw-dropping.

The “HOPE Boost” powder the kids receive is a combination of acemannan, the most powerful immune-activating molecule in the world, and stabilised rice bran, an incredibly nutrient-dense food source. And, as I said, the results are jaw-dropping!

If you’d like to be part of a global movement to end childhood malnutrition worldwide, just complete the ‘Contact Us’ box. (And, by the way, it doesn’t involve donations.)

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