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Our Mission


Our Mission

What is your mission in life?  What would you like to achieve?

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re here and what the purpose of your life is?

Have you ever thought that you’re here for more than you’re doing right now, that you have more to give?

Have you ever considered what it might be like to have a huge impact around the globe?


Rob and Jo WIlson

If you have, then chances are you’ve also wondered what, as one person, you could actually achieve. Many people believe that one person can’t do much. But what if that wasn’t true?

What if you could truly impact the planet?

What if you could save and rebuild the lives of children all over the world?

How would that feel?  What would that mean to you?

The World Health Organisation estimates there are 20 million young children with severe, acute malnutrition around the globe at any given point in time.

In a recent article from Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), they explained that food is not enough. According to Dr Susan Shepherd:

“Eating millet porridge every day is the equivalent of living off bread and water. Young children are so susceptible to malnutrition because what they eat lacks essential vitamins and minerals to help them grow, remain strong and fight off infections.”

The article explains that we won’t reduce the persistent high rates of child mortality in parts of the world if we don’t address malnutrition a whole lot more aggressively.

You see, when a child is severely malnourished, they typically stop growing and start to waste away because their body actually consumes its own tissues in an attempt to get the nutrients it needs to stay alive.

We have partnered with a Public Benefit Corporation, Alovéa, a social business whose vision and mission is to eradicate childhood malnutrition around the world.

Alovéa is owned by two global not-for-profit organisations. Its nutritional technology is unsurpassed around the world.  Its flagship product, “Cell-A-Brate”, improves the health of every cell in your body and activates your immune system.  It is absolutely a product for today.

With every product that is purchased, servings of “HOPE Boost” powder*, are donated from the company’s profits to activate a medically fragile child’s immune system and provide them with the nutrition their bodies need to regain their health and flourish.

We also work closely with Operation Underground Railroad who rescue children from sex slavery all over the world. When the children are rescued their spirit is broken. At rescue centres caring staff work to rebuild their spirit and their sense of self-worth and begin to prepare them for a new life.  Typically, they are also in very poor health. We work to rebuild their health so they can live their best lives. We are extremely proud of our relationship with O.U.R. and plan to match their reach as we expand and become a global force for good.

It’s this mission that drives us at Wilsten Global. It’s a huge goal. We can do it, but we can’t do it alone.

If you’d like to learn how you can be part of our mission, live a life of significance and make an income in the process, click here. We’d be delighted to get in touch.


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